About Us

The Upper Scale specialises in the supply of fresh, chilled, and frozen fish to hotels, restaurants, clubs and corporations in the London and surrounding area.

We stay true to our core principles; to offer the largest variety, size and quantity of products whilst preserving exceptional quality at a competitive price.  We take pride in being a company with a difference; working with people that share our view of supplying sustainable products and supporting our fishermen. We are always on hand to update our clients on all topical matter, including the provenance of our fish and its sustainability


Our vision

With regards to the everyday management of  The Upper Scale, we take a very holistic approach. It is simply not enough to offer superior quality of fish without taking on board the whole process from boat to table. This is why we were one of the first companies to use bio-degradable plastic packaging and we have been using 100% recyclable packaging for many, many years.

But we are always striving to evolve, develop and perfect and in the light of the current global movement we are taking major strides in what we believe is not only the right direction for our environment but also ourselves as a company and our customer base.

This is why we have set targets to completely replace our fleet of vans with fully electric vehicles by 2025 and, although we are using the best bio-degradable and recyclable packaging on offer at the moment, we are actively researching and investigating products that promise to be 100% environmentally friendly.

We are currently working with our suppliers in order to change the way in which they deliver the fish to us and we are hoping that, in the next few years, the fish that is delivered to all our customers has, from the very start of its journey, been transported without any threat of plastic pollution to our environment.


The Team

We have a highly trained and experienced team with strong customer service backgrounds, exceptional preparation skills and and accomplished buying expertise. Our award winning blocks men have the insight to interpret your chef’s requirement first time and every time an order is placed. 



Over 90% of our fish comes direct from the ports in the UK.  As well as buying direct from the fishermen, we buy in the auction rooms based at the ports; the fish has just been taken off the boat and is the freshest produce from some of the clearest waters in the world.


Our Home Delivery Service

Our orders are carefully packed with ice and delivered using our very own temperature-controlled vehiclesby our friendly and professional drivers.

Our fish is packed in boxes that can be recycled. Each portion received is wrapped in paper and placed in bio-degradable bags. They are all packed in a way to allow our customers to place items in the refrigerator or freezer separately thus alleviating the need for them to separate and handle it themselves.

We give our customers their own choice of fish to choose via a very well thought out website rather than a ready prepared selection box that contains whole fish; this is the usual offering with many other companies. This allows our customers to buy according to the size and budget of their household.

On top of this, we offer a free, next day delivery service. We have a very modest £20 minimum spend unlike many that only cater for large orders and still charge a delivery on top. Therefore we can allow small families and people living on their own to be able to access great quality fish at an extremely reasonable price. Many of our customers will no longer order from supermarkets due to the quality, service, delivery and price they receive from us.

Our customers have their own dedicated email address and telephone numbers in which to contact us. Their queries, questions and comments are personally answered; usually in a matter of minutes and almost always in the same day.

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