Home Delivery FAQs

Is there a minimum order cost?

There is a minimum order of £20

How much will my delivery charge be?

All deliveries are free of charge. What you put in your basket is what you pay for and nothing more.

Which day will I receive my order?

All orders place before midnight Sunday – Friday will be delivered the next day. Orders taken on a Saturday will be delivered on the Monday unless it is a public holiday. We do not deliver on Sundays or Public Holidays.  There are times, during high demand and discount weeks, where our delivery day may have to close earlier than usual. In this case, you will be offered the next available day. On occasion, our calendar can open for a few days to deal with the such high demand. 

What time will I receive my order?

Our deliveries are between 7.30am and 4pm (although we strive to complete our deliveries much earlier than our deadline). We are unable to give a more precise window as this will depend on certain factors such as the amount and type of orders we have had the day before. If your delivery has not arrived by 4pm, please feel free to contact us at homedelivery@theupperscale.co.uk. If you require your fish for a specific occasion or lunch then consider having it delivered the day before; your fish will still be extremely fresh. 

Do I have to be at home to accept my order?

You can leave us instructions to leave your order in a safe place using the additional notes at the check out. By doing so you accept sole responsibility for your order.  We are unable to leave your order unattended without your instruction.  If there is nobody to take the package and we are unable to contact you, your order will need to be returned to us.  A re-delivery charge may be applied. It is imperative that you supply us with a telephone number that you can be contacted on and a valid email address. These details must be supplied at the checkout. 

Can I pre-order fish for delivery at a future date?

There is no need to reserve your fish order or a delivery slot. The majority of our fresh fish is delivered daily to us in large quantities and we always have plenty to fulfil our home delivery orders. For this reason we only offer next day delivery. If you would like to order for a specific day simply order the day before you require your delivery.

Will I receive confirmation of my order?

Once an order has been placed and payment accepted, you will receive a confirmation email. Please check that your email and contact telephone number are correct. Please check your email Spam or Junk folders in case you don’t receive your confirmation email. It is worth adding us as a contact which will help prevent your email server blocking us.

Why haven’t I received my order confirmation?

Please check your email Spam or Junk folders in case you don’t receive your confirmation email. Adding us to your contacts will help prevent this from happening.

How can I change my order?

Once your order has been placed changes cannot be made. However, you can contact us if you would prefer to cancel the order and place an amended one. Please contact us using the home delivery contact information on our contact page; make sure to add your order number. Please avoid using our trade contact numbers and emails as you may not get to the right person who can help you with your enquiry.

Can I freeze the fish?

Most of our fresh fish can be frozen and consumed within 3 months of delivery, however, there are exceptions and these are shown within the description of the individual item. Just click on the picture and a new window will open giving more details.

Do You Deliver to Me?

Please check our map below to ensure that we deliver to your location before placing an order.
If you are at all unsure then email us an enquiry at homedelivery@theupperscale.co.uk

How can I contact you?

Please email us at  homedelivery@theupperscale.co.uk    We usually have a very quick response time although it may take longer on exceptionally busy days, Sundays and public holidays. We aim to respond on the same day especially if the query is regarding an upcoming delivery. 

What if I have an issue with my order?

Please email us at  homedelivery@theupperscale.co.uk    If you have an issue with any part of your order please contact us as soon as you realise the problem. We reserve the right to collect any item before any refunds are agreed to be paid.  

I have a discount code, how do I use it?

Our discount codes are only to be used in the time frame that is given on our website. We are unable to add any discount code after the order has been placed.  No pre-orders are accepted during our discount periods.

How is my fish packed?

Your fish is prepared and packed by hand by our own team. Your fish will arrive in a box that has been also packed with ice. Each portion, as advertised on our website, is individually wrapped in paper and then placed in a bag. This allows our customers to easily place the portions of their choice into the freezer or the refrigerator. Your fish is then delivered using our own temperature controlled vehicles. 

Can I recycle the packaging?

The boxes your fish is delivered in are completely recyclable as is the paper it is wrapped in.  We also use bio-degradable bags to place the portions into. Our ice packs can be collected on your next delivery; these are sanitised and reused, thus reducing our water usage.

What can I do with the ice packs?

Our ice packs can be collected on your next delivery; these are sanitised and reused, thus reducing our water usage.

What web browser/platform should I use?

Our payment platform works well with all browsers, including Google Chrome and Safari, however if you are using Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge, make sure you are running the latest version.