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Tuna Yellow Fin Steak (sashimi grade) 150g-170g


  • Watch our no frills video on how to prepare tuna sashimi
  • A mild fish with a meaty flavour, our pole caught, wild tuna is easy to prepare and very versatile
  • Sashimi grade therefore can be eaten for sashimi/sushi
  • Tuna is best eaten fresh; we therefore do not recommend freezing this product.

Our top quality yellow fin tuna steaks are freshly prepared by hand. Yellow fin tuna is mild with a meaty flavour, leaner than the blue fin tuna with more flavour than the albacore. Our yellow fin tuna steaks are sashimi grade therefore suitable for sashimi/sushi

The Upper Scale are based at the UK's largest fish market, Billingsgate Market in London, where our expert buyer, with over twenty years experience, has access to a wide variety of quality fish. We also have representatives at all major ports in the UK, buying our fish direct from day boats and sustainable stocks.